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MooView is an image viewer for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D and SL-5500 PDAs. I created it out of dissatisfaction with the builtin viewer that comes with the device. MooView is currently limited to viewing only JPEG images but other than the Zaurus image viewer it can display even large images (only tested up to 1600x1200, but theoretically even larger images won't be a problem). MooView tries to be memory-efficient and fast.
The current version is 0.2. Note that this is a pre-release and that there are almost certainly lots of bugs.
MooView is free software and is licensed under the GNU GPL. I always appreciate feedback and bug reports (well, not really, but send them anyway :-) ). My email address is tscheuermann <at>


Screenshot 1

The main screen with the bookmark menu open.
Screenshot 2

The bookmark editor in the Settings dialog.
Screenshot 3

Proof that MooView actually displays images... This one is 1600x1200. Images can be rotated in order to take optimize screen space utilization.
Screenshot 4

Another image (1200x1600) displayed by MooView. Images are filtered to avoid aliasing artifacts when scaling them down to the Zaurus screen size.


Installation package for Sharp Zaurus: mooview_0.2_arm.ipk
Source code: mooview-0.2.tar.gz

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Version 0.2:

Version 0.1: